Base rates

  • 1-hour class 1 or 2 x week: AED65
  • 2-hour class 1 x week: AED120 (AED60 per hour)
  • 2-hour class 2 x week: AED110 (AED55 per hour)
  • 2-hour class 3 x week: AED90 (AED45 per hour)
  • 3-hour class 3 x week: AED105 (AED40 per hour)
  • 3-hour class 4 x week: AED90 (AED35 per hour)

Note that Annual Registration Fee of AED150 applies per gymnast once per academic year

Class fees

Term 3 (12 weeks):

 1 x Week2 x Week3 x Week4 x Week
Baby Gym Jr./Sr7801,560
Beginner Boys1,4402,640
Beginner Girls1,4402,640
Intermediate Girls1,4402,640
Level 1 Girls1,4402,640
Level 2 Girls1,4402,6403,240
Level 3 Girls FIG2,640
Level 2 Girls SQUAD3,780
Level 3 & 4 Girls SQUAD4,320
  • Please note that you are committing to a term, not a weekly class, as we also need to commit to our coaches. We request parents to please pay for the full term on the first week. We accept cash payments only.
  • During the term your child must only attend the class day you are registered for. This is important to keep the class sizes correct and maintain the appropriate coach-gymnast ratio.
  • We offer up to 2 makeup classes per term for travel or sickness related absences.