Hourly Rate


  • 1-hr class, 1x week: 70 AED
  • 1-hr class, 2x week: 65 AED
  • 2-hr class, 1x week: 65 AED/hr
  • 2-hr class, 2x week: 60 AED/hr
  • 2-hr class, 3x week: 50 AED/hr
  • 3-hr class, 2x week: 50 AED/hr
  • 3-hr class, 3x week: 42 AED/hr
  • 3-hr class, 4x week: 35 AED/hr

Registration Fee: 150 AED per academic year.

Private Classes: Contact Us.

For Term Packages: info@gulfgymnasticsclub.com

For 1-hour FREE trial class: 050 912 23 47 (WhatsApp)

Terms and Conditions: Payment must be made before or on the first week of class. Enrollment in a class is a term commitment. All Make-Up classes must be completed within the term. We do not transfer missed classes to the next term. No Refunds.

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