Please make sure that your children are aware of the rules.


  1. To avoid crowds, DSC does not allow parents to stay inside the facility during class. Only drop off and pick up.
  2. Guardians of little gym students and students with severe allergies can wait inside the facility, but they must keep social distance and wear a mask at all times.
  3. Every student must wear a mask when entering and leaving the facility.
  4. According to DSC, masks are not necessary for children during training.
  5. Parents must maintain a 2-meter distance from other parents when picking up children.
  6. All students must disinfect their hands before and after class.
  7. All students must maintain social distance at all times.
  8. If your child is not well, please do not bring them into the facility and let us know immediately.
  9. If your family has traveled abroad before the child’s first class, you must inform us and we will be asking for negative PCR test results.
  10. No walk-ins are permitted. Only bookings.

Gymnastic Attire:

  • Girls must wear a gymnastics leotard. If you do not own one, we have leotards for you to purchase. Ballet skirts or frills are not allowed.
  • Boys must wear t-shirts and stretchy shorts.
  • No Jewelry, watches or earrings.
  • Hair must be tied up and kept away from the face. Hair ties should be soft to avoid hurting the child.

General Rules:

  • Children may not touch the equipment (unless instructed by the coach) or run around the equipment.
  • Strictly no nuts or chewing gum. We have children with fatal food allergies.
  • Please keep your children in your care until their class starts.
  • Children should bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.
  • Your child needs to be confident enough to attend the classes on their own. If this is not possible, they are too young for gymnastics and therefore need to wait until next term.
  • Parents must come inside the sports hall and collect their child on time. Children will not be sent out on their own.
  • Gymnasts must respect their coaches and each other. Those who are displaying inappropriate behavior such as bullying, racism or swearing will be banned from the club. Moreover, the club reserves the right to expel any gymnast regardless of age and level for poor discipline resulting in chronic disruption of training sessions.
  • We are not responsible for lost items.
  • Please note that we do not close for any public holidays. For any changes to the schedule, we will inform you.
  • Full Payment should be made before or on the first week of term.
  • Enrollment in a class is a term commitment.
  • If your child misses class because of an illness, we offer 2 make-up classes that should be completed within the term. We do not trasnfer make up classes to the next term.
  • No refunds are offered.

Thank you for your co-operation.